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We are Beetle


We’re Sally Alekna and Lyndsay Lowe, two producers with over twenty years of elite agency
experience in our UK home and abroad. In this time, we’ve discovered a recurring theme:
the working relationships of a production will make or break it.

Who you work with? It’s essential. The chemistry, the harmony, those ineffable ingredients
that make a professional relationship dance. That’s why precision is paramount to us, and we
strive to ensure every introduction and facilitation is bespoke to your unique needs.

Through our decades of production adventures, we’ve cultivated an enviable contact list, a
multi-faceted understanding of what makes productions tick, and the essential skill of
casting people in the roles they’re perfect for.

Latest work

We’ve been busy. Which is good, because busy is just how we like it. Below is a
selection of recent collaborations we’re proud of:


Beetle is our go-to producer placement specialist. Whatever our brief, Beetle are always on hand to help. They are fast, reliable, and always deliver. Beetle has placed a lot of the freelance and permanent producers within the BBH Production Department and I am proud of the community we have built. Beetle has been a huge part of this and we look forward to continuing our wonderful working relationship.

Victoria Keenan // Head of Production & Partner // BBH London

When it comes to placing Film Producers in London’s top advertising agencies, Beetle gets to the heart of what’s important. They truly understand the nuances of a brief and will only share highly skilled candidates that suit the personality of the team. They save us time and always deliver. As a bonus, they are truly lovely people.

Sue Lee-Stern // Joint Head of Film // House 337

I began working with Beetle when I started as Head of Film at Engine in 2019. They always take the time to listen so are able to intuitively find and filter people that would gel with me, and the rest of the team and be spot-on for the project. Sally and Lyndsay’s experience is invaluable and the fact that everyone knows and loves them means that their recommendations are golden. They care about the careers of their people and the success of the hire and I appreciate that, it’s not just about getting a booking. Thanks for everything Sal & Lynds.

Melody Sylvester // Chief Production Officer // TBWA London

Beetle truly are exceptional to work with. They respond instantly to requests, always offer me multiple candidates and show excellent judgement in assessing the job fit. They make their job seem effortless but I know they are working frantically on my behalf. They’ve come to my rescue on multiple occasions and I’m hugely grateful they are around to support me.

David Jones // Previous Head of Film & Content // This Is Now

Beetle were faultless in the support they offered us from start to finish. They went above and beyond from searching for the best production partner, to helping us appoint a freelance producer who fit our specific needs and budget perfectly. They helped to elevate our internal capabilities so it was not only the smoothest production process we’ve experienced yet, we now have a stronger production function for future jobs too. We’re looking forward to working with Beetle again in the future!

Iona Marchant // Senior Account Manager // Open Creates

We connected with the Beetle team earlier this year to find a Senior Producer for a specific project. Following our initial conversation, the Beetle team reacted quickly and efficiently, ensuring candidates were filtered before reaching us and that their experience reflected the brief. We look forward to working with the Beetle team again in the future!

Kate Ilott // Head of Advertising, Media & Sponsorship // M&S Food

Curate has worked with Beetle many times and we find Sally and Lyndsay to be incredibly professional. Not only are they the loveliest people to deal with but they handle all the production spanners in the works with a smooth calm smile. The producers they suggest, and employ are second to none, smart, resourceful, helpful and most of all a pleasure to work with.

Dan Dickenson & Madeleine Sanderson // Joint Owners // Curate Films & 8001Sport

I can’t recommend Beetle highly enough. They were instrumental in making our Dino CEO campaign a reality. Their production nous and experience meant we got the perfect director and production company, whilst also ensuring it all came in within budget. They are also possibly the nicest producers to work with. As a direct-to-client option, they were quite simply perfect.

Brian Cooper // VP Brand & Creative // Condeco

We’ve worked with Beetle for over two years. They have consistently placed really nice and very capable producers with us, one of whom has become a full-time employee. We couldn’t be happier with their service, and they are our first port of call for complicated and interesting projects.

Toby Baker // Production Director // DEPT